How We Can Help

The best way to help is to try. Look for resources that you have that other people may be able to use, and find people who need them. Money is the easiest resource to spread around. I have a fair amount of cash on hand that was going to fund my business. Now, I’m using it to help resource strapped individual make it through isolation. I’m surprised to hear about landlords still threatening evictions, but they’re apparently out there. [Read More]

Human Resources

Humans are one with their environments. What exists is the result of what everyone puts into it. If you want to create a better world, you need to work on it. “Human Resources” by Ben Taylor55 is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Companies are collections of humans who use tools to achieve goals. The specific goals depend on the people involved. From the perspective of a company with certain tasks it must accomplish, people are an expense. [Read More]

My Vision For The Future

More and more of the disagreement I’ve had with people recently has been caused by my inability to express how I believe the world could work. I have been trying to understand what form of government would work best in this extremely unique time in history. While it is important to help protect the rights of people within the system we own now, I think more resources need to be placed on really figuring out what makes sense in this modern age. [Read More]