My New Understanding of Privilege

Over the last year a number of family, work and world problems coincided in a way that woke me up from the routine and comfort of my life. It stirred in me a need to overcome my complacency and try to achieve greater things in life. Looking back on my interactions with friends, family and coworkers during that time, I’m amazed at my privilege. I’ve had spent my whole life learning to solve complex problems without investing any on self-development or soft skills. [Read More]

Privilege and Accountability

Given the state of the world these days, and especially with the state of our current leadership, I’ve been thinking a lot about privilege and personal accountability. I’d like to share those thoughts. “Peach blossom on Tet holiday” by williamchad3214 is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 I consider myself to be a fairly successful individual. I am good at what I do and I am paid well for it. I did this without college and was largely self-taught, at least in a formal sense. [Read More]