This one secret they don’t want you to know

Nearly everything about how we live is open to change, if you’re able to look past social constructs. Our species hasn’t changed much, biologically speaking, in the last five centuries (or far longer). The amazing differences in our diversity in manners of living are due to differences in group knowledge and narratives. Our behaviors change as our knowledge and the world around us change. What shapes the world are the actions of the masses, which are driven by internal narratives formed through lived experience in our collective shared reality. [Read More]

Human Resources

Humans are one with their environments. What exists is the result of what everyone puts into it. If you want to create a better world, you need to work on it. “Human Resources” by Ben Taylor55 is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Companies are collections of humans who use tools to achieve goals. The specific goals depend on the people involved. From the perspective of a company with certain tasks it must accomplish, people are an expense. [Read More]

People are People

This essay is in direct response to a conversation on Twitter related to Islam and people. Sometimes when you’re in a conversation with an individual who knows a particular topic well, it is nearly impossible to get them to see that you are discussing something entirely different. The person I was talking to was explaining to me how Islam, especially the Sunni, is a religion of war. My point was that people are people, and Muslims are no exception. [Read More]

Humans, Violence and Greed

I want both the Hindus and Mussalmans to cultivate the cool courage to die without killing. But if one has not that courage, I want him to cultivate the art of killing and being killed rather than, in a cowardly manner, flee from danger. For the latter, in spite of his flight, does commit mental himsa. He flees because he has not the courage to be killed in the act of killing. [Read More]