Nearly everything about how we live is open to change, if you’re able to look past social constructs.

Our species hasn’t changed much, biologically speaking, in the last five centuries (or far longer).

The amazing differences in our diversity in manners of living are due to differences in group knowledge and narratives. Our behaviors change as our knowledge and the world around us change.

What shapes the world are the actions of the masses, which are driven by internal narratives formed through lived experience in our collective shared reality.

Throughout history these narratives were shaped by religious leaders, intellectuals, celebrities, mystics, tyrants and that one guy from The Apprentice.

These days the knowledge we need to do better is at our fingertips. It depends on our choice of where we focus our time and energy.

I would argue that the biggest force in reshaping the choices of the masses over the last few decades has been the Tech industry, rather than government. Many of these changes have been positive. Many have been negative.

The ability to build a tool does not mean that you understand the full implications of what you’ve created. If your focus is always on profits, it can be easy to overlook how your creation can be abused.

If our choice in mobile app benefits the richest people in the world rather than our communities, we can build new mobile apps.

If the law is outdated for dealing with our new modern society, the laws can be changed.

If the politicians refuse, we can replace them.

If the laws are unconstitutional, we can amend the constitution.

If we can’t get agreement within the country, we can divide the country.

Each escalation in level dramatically increases the number of people we need to convince in order to successfully create change. And an increasing chance of violence if you were to attempt it without the will of the individuals.

This means we have a lot of minds to change. Starting with our own.