I’m going to spell out why I believe Donald Trump needs to be impeached immediately.


This one I noticed due to part of my family that was living in Taiwan at the time.

“Scene from train, Eastern coastal Taiwan” by Arthur Chapman is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Taiwan is an interesting country politically. When the communist takeover of China occurred, the existing government fled to the island of Taiwan. My understanding is that they exist there as the Republic of China after losing the mainland.

From the perspective of the People’s Republic of China (mainland) however, Taiwan is part of their country. Since Nixon’s visit to China, that has been US policy as well.

Nixon: …Principle one. There is one China, and Taiwan is a part of China. There will be no more statements made — if I can control our bureaucracy — to the effect that the status of Taiwan is undetermined.

…Second, we have not and will not support any Taiwan independence movement.

Third, we will, to the extent we are able, use our influence to discourage Japan from moving into Taiwan as our presence becomes less, and also discourage Japan from supporting a Taiwan independence movement…

The fourth point is that we will support any peaceful resolution of the Taiwan issue that can be worked out. And related to that point, we will not support any military attempts by the Government on Taiwan to resort to a military return to the Mainland.

Finally, we seek the normalization of relations with the People’s Republic. We know that the issue of Taiwan is a barrier to complete normalization, but within the framework I have previously described we seek normalization and we will work toward that goal and will try to achieve it.

There has been a tenuous peace where we trade with both countries but pretend that Taiwan isn’t self-ruled.

And then we elected a man who is dangerously unaware.

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My uncle uprooted his family and moved back to the US, because the future of Taiwan is too uncertain.