I’m going to spell out why Donald Trump needs to be impeached immediately.

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio

On August 25, 2017, Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I wasn’t too surprised given that Arpaio had been a supporter of his. The story behind this pardon is a scary part of recent American history that I hadn’t been aware of before the election.

Arizona’s ‘concentration camp’: why was Tent City kept open for 24 years?

In 1993 Joe Arpaio, America’s ’toughest sheriff’, opened a temporary outdoor jail in Phoenix. After more than two… www.theguardian.com

If you listen to the beginning of this video, you can hear Arpaio call Tent City concentration camps.

That’s not why he needed a pardon though.

Yet it is plain that Arpaio was not convicted for doing his job. He was convicted for willfully disobeying the law after a court ordered him to stop singling out drivers based on ethnicity and detaining them without charges.

Why Joe Arpaio was found guilty

He flouted the Constitution. He disobeyed court orders. And then he bragged about it. www.cnn.com

Arpaio was targeting Latinos in Arizona and detaining them. He was looking for illegal immigrants but he pulled people over based upon ethnicity. This is clearly illegal.

The courts ordered him to stop, and he ignored them.

They held him in contempt… and a Presidential pardon appeared.

US citizens rights being violated by a law enforcement agent, with no recourse available. A pardon from the highest office in the land, excusing his blatantly racist policy.

Pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio is rejecting the Constitution. It is a violation of the oath of office.