Twitter: A Corporation With Unilateral Control to an Official Channel to the President

Over the last few years, I’ve endeavored to be more politically active. My primary platform is Twitter, since it was Trump’s own platform. I’m able to directly respond to his messages, and directly interact with his supporters. Over time, I’ve built a fair sized following, which is useful for starting discussions on a topic. I’m able to share my concerns about the issues of the day. “1D3_16312” by Indiana Stan is licensed under CC BY-NC 2. [Read More]

How To Use Twitter Effectively

While I’ve had a Twitter account far longer, I’ve been using Twitter pretty consistently for the last couple of years. I wanted to share what I’ve learned, and my personal philosophy on using it. Understand Your Goals Why are you on Twitter? What do you hope to achieve? Are you looking to build community? Are you looking to build an audience for your own views? Are you looking to learn from others? [Read More]

Follow Back Resistance #fbr

Follow Back Resistance #fbr If you’re a liberal and you’ve been spending time being politically active on Twitter, you’re probably familiar with “Follow Back Resistance” posts. Twitter Follow Back Resistance #FBR #FBResist Get new Twitter Resistance followers here @ It’s easy! Just use the sections below to Register - Follow … The basic idea is to allow everyone to build up followers. They promise that if you follow them, then they will follow you *and* will share your request with all of their other followers so they can do the same. [Read More]