We Need Justice

“You are very kind, I said; and would you have the goodness also to inform me, whether you think that a state, or an army, or a band of robbers and thieves, or any other gang of evil-doers could act at all if they injured one another? “ “No indeed, he said, they could not.” “But if they abstained from injuring one another, then they might act together better?” [Read More]

Our politics are not based upon reality

The Trump Presidency is often (rightly) portrayed as being divorced from reality. I believe these are the symptoms of his worldview. “Trumpism Projection SumOfUs Final 1” by SumOfUs is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Copy Trump believes that he has been successful in his life because he is genetically superior. He regularly talks about coming from “good genes”. In his eyes, his success is not the result of his starting with millions of dollars, or his willingness to make decisions that hurt other people for his benefit. [Read More]

My Letter to Josh Hawley

Last night I asked Jim McGovern to pass along this letter to Josh Hawley’s office. The Honorable Josh Hawley Cc: The Honorable Jim McGovern In your Twitter exchange with Wal*Mart, you made some great points about their exploitative behavior. I’m hoping this may be the start of some common ground between your vision of our country and my own. I believe that it is unreasonable for our overburdened social programs to have picking up the responsibilities of employers. [Read More]

Address the limits on presidential power

The GOP arguments together enable tyranny Over the last few years, the GOP have argued for multiple things which must be publicly challenged. Accepting them without a strong public challenge is a mistake we keep making. These topics should be addressed head on. Disagreement of these core questions explains certain choices that I would argue are both illegal and unacceptable. The President is above the law And as set forth in the report, after that investigation, if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. [Read More]

A Country Torn Apart By Distrust

It’s coming to pass, my country’s coming apart The whole thing’s becoming such a bumbling farce Was that a pivotal historical moment we just went stumbling past? Well, here we are, dancing in the rumbling dark So come a little closer, give me something to grasp Give me your beautiful, crumbling heart Another disaster, catharsis Another half-discarded mirage Another mask slips I face off with the physical My head’s ringing from the love of the stars [Read More]

Our Government Is Our History Violently Forced Upon Our Present

At any given moment of our lives, we have choices which we can make within the bounds set by all of history. Our knowledge and our character influence brought us to this point, as well as infinite other factors. What options available to us in this moment are set and unchangeable. We can do what we know is right, or we can make a different choice. “Bronze portrait bust of the emperor Gaius (Caligula)” is licensed under CC0 1. [Read More]

Twitter: A Corporation With Unilateral Control to an Official Channel to the President

Over the last few years, I’ve endeavored to be more politically active. My primary platform is Twitter, since it was Trump’s own platform. I’m able to directly respond to his messages, and directly interact with his supporters. Over time, I’ve built a fair sized following, which is useful for starting discussions on a topic. I’m able to share my concerns about the issues of the day. “1D3_16312” by Indiana Stan is licensed under CC BY-NC 2. [Read More]

My Analysis Of Our World's Problems

Until last year, I worked within the corporate part of the tech industry. My specialty was solving large complex problems through analysis, learning, strategic action and hard work. Since leaving, I’ve mostly been focused on two things: How to turn skilled work into money without committing the majority of my life to bureaucracy and tedium. How the hell did we get here as a society? I focused on number 2 first because I was scared for the future my daughters will inherit. [Read More]

Follow Back Resistance #fbr

Follow Back Resistance #fbr If you’re a liberal and you’ve been spending time being politically active on Twitter, you’re probably familiar with “Follow Back Resistance” posts. Twitter Follow Back Resistance #FBR #FBResist Get new Twitter Resistance followers here @ FBResist.com It’s easy! Just use the sections below to Register - Follow … freedamerica.com The basic idea is to allow everyone to build up followers. They promise that if you follow them, then they will follow you *and* will share your request with all of their other followers so they can do the same. [Read More]

My Views On Brett Kavanaugh

Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault accusation is very important and deserves a real investigation. It is important, but it is not urgent. Kavanaugh does not seem to be a clear and present danger to women, especially now that he is infamous. There is a separate issue which is both important and urgent but has been largely buried under the news of yet another sexual assault being ignored by the Republicans in power. [Read More]