Capitalism Does Not Exist

There’s a fight I hear more and more these days. “Capitalism is evil, and only Socialism can save us” versus “Socialism is evil, and only Capitalism can save us.” Both Capitalism and Socialism however are ideological systems and do not reflect reality, which is always far more complex than theory. These theories fail to take into account the human element; the brutal realities of a system under attack by hostile elements. [Read More]

I believe our current version of capitalism is held in place by apathy and ignorance, not force.

Wal*Mart comes into a town, and brings incredibly low prices, so people shop there. The local shops suffer and die. Salaries drop. They screw over employees. They screw over suppliers. They sell cheap crap that breaks and needs replacing. A lot of their products come over on cargo ships registered in Panama so they can ignore the fact their CO2 output violates international agreements. Eventually the town can’t sustain them, and they leave. [Read More]