Data Driven Tyranny

A few months back I worked with a friend to create a short video collecting information from a variety of sources that tell a really dark story of attempts to steal an election.

“cambridge analytica” by Book Catalog is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Copy rich text

Below I’ve collected some of the original source videos, as well as other material that influenced me even if I didn’t include footage.

We trusted Facebook with our data.

We Trusted Facebook With Our Data We trusted Facebook with our data. Facebook decided that trusting third parties was easier than properly restricting access. The quiz app violated Facebook’s trust by violating terms of service. Facebook violated our trust by making that possible. Like you said, the single sign on functionality is very useful. Facebook doesn’t have a monopoly on that functionality though. Here’s a security talk from 2010 highlighting some of their issues, but putting too much (IMO) of the blame on users instead of Facebook. [Read More]