Anyone absolutely certain that they understand everything
Hasn’t lived enough to know it’s impossible to come close

Seek the good in humanity, right?
Even if it’s a struggle most times

Is hate natural or were we trained to fight like some pitbulls?
We’ve been locking jaws into each other’s backs well before Christ

Is that what it takes to survive?
Who taught us how to survive?

Fuck your neighbor to survive
Eat your neighbor to survive
We were hiding our faces long before pandemics arrived

Many have broken backs working for some charismatic demigods
Who raised minimum wages to build company loyalty
Watched their employees die left and right
Bosses profits grew off of lost lives
As they smiled for media commending philanthropy

We’ve been glorifying wealth and greed and sociopathy
It was packaged and sold to us as the American dream
Splintered working class people to weaken our communities
Fed us our sibling’s meat and convinced us that it was healthy

Then told us that we were born free
We were born free
To kill each other as we please
We were born free
We were born free to spread incurable disease

So much history manipulated by mythology

The crowds are growing larger
Frothing at the mouth
Gasping for air

Dogs barking in unison
Bursting throats open
Though no one hears

We are all
Entrapped by fear
Of satan and god and fascist billionaires
Of gangs, pedophiles and radicals with beards

It’s hard to calm down all of them
Reactionary friends
Making funeral arrangements
50 years before their deaths

I know it’s true
The world they knew
Has changed
And it’s strange
To face what’s new

We have been grossly underfed for domesticated pets
Craving love and attention
Satisfaction’s hardly met

I know it’s true
The world we knew
Has changed
And it’s painful
To face what’s new
So each generation
Complains of the youth
Saying things were much better then
Please Show more proof

Am I wasting my breath
Trying to Say Something?
When apathy’s held me in
With the rest of the pets
Growling at nothing
As long as we’re fed and entertained
We’ll sleep
Our brains all crave dopamine
Pounded by information shared endlessly
Between ephemeral memes
Sexual fantasies
Conspiracy theories
Videos of bodies
That were killed by police
Trained to protect the power of ruling elites
No justice on these streets
Just more people screaming
Screaming screaming

Are we wasting our years
Putting faith in something
When we’ve always torn apart all that we’ve loved?
From our hearts to our arms
To movements
To families
To each other
To the planet we all live on

This ain’t no song about peace
Those are easy to sing
But hard to believe
It’s tough to trust human beings
But don’t blame us
For how we were trained to be
We were only BORN free
We were only born “free”