2020 BC

By Ceschi

Anyone absolutely certain that they understand everything Hasn’t lived enough to know it’s impossible to come close Seek the good in humanity, right? Even if it’s a struggle most times Is hate natural or were we trained to fight like some pitbulls? We’ve been locking jaws into each other’s backs well before Christ Is that what it takes to survive? Who taught us how to survive? Fuck your neighbor to survive [Read More]

Plough The Shit

By Ben Caplan

The world is an overflowing gutter It bubbles with the brine of shit and blood And those who keep their eyes upon the heavens Are the ones that wind up faces down in the mud It’s easy to speak of grand ambitions Its easy to pretend you’re innocent But lest you get distracted by the suffering of your sister Being practical and trying to pay the rent Heaven has been promised to the righteous [Read More]

Don't Fall In

By Kae Tempest

We came from the four corners, we are the raw waters The course the four horsemen would drink from, the water that pours We carry the river, the reservoir, the residue Rising waves, she sprayed the inevitable Churn across many voices in our vape As we surge and gush, we were steam and a distant heat We move rapid over landscape, gathering speed Desert, land, city, forest, and beach Heading for the people that sleep, ready to bleed [Read More]

Europe Is Lost

By Kae Tempest

Europe is lost America lost London lost Still we are clamouring victory All that is meaningless rules We have learned nothing from history The people are dead in their lifetimes Dazed in the shine of the streets But look how the traffic’s still moving System’s too slick to stop working Business is good, and there’s bands every night in the pubs And there’s two for one drinks in the clubs [Read More]