Private Cloud Platform

Modern cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure heavily leverage open source technology. With enough knowledge, these technologies can be used to build a private cloud platform.

This opens the door for small public clouds operated by local small business.

  • Bare metal management platform using MaaS or Foreman
  • Build VM platform using OpenStack or OpenNebula
  • Build container platform using Kubernetes or Docker

Distributed Social Networks

These days our civil discourse often occurs on privately owned platform rules defined by corporate policy rather rather than something democratic. While this is logical for the owners of the platform, I don’t believe we should accept it as individuals within society.

  • Cloud platform for hosting Fediverse services (Friendica, Mastodon, GNUSocial)
  • Home appliance for hosting the same services

Open infrastructure for ethical capitalism

Today’s technology makes it trivial to order supplies from outside of our communities, which is damaging to the community itself. We are designing an e-commerce platform which will make it just as easy to order online from local stores, and get products delivered same day through crowd sourced delivery.

  • Online E-Commerce Platform
  • Uber/Doordash style service focused on letting people with vehicles make a living.
  • Community inventory for enabling community lending, leasing and sales during emergencies.
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