Anyone who has attempted to discuss politics online has likely been the subject of a large amount of abuse. I suspect for a lot of people, this is probably an understatement.

“BULLY” by PlanetFab Studio is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

When trying to debate with his supporters, I’ve often had to overcome initial hostility based just upon how they are used to being treated by Democrats and Leftists. This can sometimes be overcome by treating them with respect.

We’re in a really dark place in our country’s history. I believe that a second civil war is a possibility, depending on the choices that we make collectively.

In a time like this, you can expect things to get heated. People say things they regret later, or perhaps just things they should regret.

Separately, some people just internet sadists, enjoying the misery of their fellow citizens. Whose hobbies include increasing tensions in an already hostile climate for fun.

This isn’t exclusively a political issue. Bullies pick targets based upon their own biases. They could target Jewish people, Christians, Muslims, Communists, Capitalists, atheists, or theists. These may be people who you agree with politically, but who does not believe that people that they disagree with are due any respect or common courtesy.

In my opinion, if your goal is to “trigger” someone, then you’re an asshole, and should be excluded. Don’t hire assholes, don’t work with or for assholes, and don’t be friends with assholes.

If this behavior describes you, then please make better choices.

Some of us want to unify the country before the bloodshed gets worse.