I talk small tech and politics with @FBombs4U

Note: Editing needed below Greg: Sure, yeah. My name is Greg, I go by Techstoa, T-E-C-H-S-T-O-A. I’m available at techstoa.com or on Twitter. I work in the tech industry, we talked a bit about that last time. But basically, VC is my interest, I’m sort of at the intersection of philosophy and technology. I’ve got user experience working within the tech industry, and I’m looking at figuring out how we should use this stuff better than we’ve been using it. [Read More]

Greg and @FBombs4U discuss Fascism and our shared problems

Greg: Sure. Yeah. So, my name’s Greg, I go by Techstoa on Twitter. I’ve been doing a lot of writing, podcasts, that sort of thing. Spend a lot of my time researching when I’m not at work. But I work in the tech industry. I’ve been there for about 20 years, most of that at a large tech company, but these days I’m working in a much smaller place. My goal is to use some of the technological solutions, like the types of platforms we have available, and to focus them on helping communities instead. [Read More]